Base: $99 per year
1 CARE™ plan 

Pro: $160 per year
2 CARE™ plans

Club Team / High School

Lite: $36/Student-Athlete
($1080 total annual price)
up to 30 student-athletes and 30 CARE™ plans

Mid: $28/Student-Athlete
($2100 annual price)
up to 75 student-athletes and 150 CARE™ plans

Pro: $23/Student-Athlete
($3450 annual price)
up to 150 student-athletes and 300 CARE™ plans

The Honest Game CARE™ plan is a College Athletic Report on Eligibility that takes
the guesswork out of academic - eligibility so you can get recruited with confidence.

  • Informs student –athletes and coaches on academic eligibility status.
  • Reviews and tracks NCAA core GPA, approved courses and test scores – from 8th grade through high school graduation.
  • Provides a simple, goal focused formula for success outlining clearly what classes and grades are needed to be eligible.
  • Offers assistance in course selection as well as validation of the existing high school course list against NCAA guidelines.
  • Monitors changes to NCAA academic eligibility requirements and makes real-time recommendations to keep student athletes on track.
  • Allows coaches the freedom to focus on athletics, knowing academics are taken care of.  Saving a lot of time and frustration.
  • Creates shareable report to provide an instant and trusted review of a recruits’ academic eligibility.